T-O Alpha is a Toa of Bling.


To raise the roof!


Mask of Music- Grants user superb control of pitch, tempo, beat, melody, and tone. �


"Tee-Oh" Alpha was never a member ofa Toa Team. He actually had very little interaction with Toa of any kind. As a Matoran he had always been at the scene of many a hip-hoppin party, hosting most of them himself. By charging rather cheap fees to get into his parties and never supplying his own food or drink- always advertising as Bring Your Own Bula- "Tee-Oh" was able to rack up a small fortune rather fast.

He had a Toa enter one of his parties one time and started some trouble. Using his body guards to calm the Toa down and having a quick chat with him, both Alpha and the Toa agreed that they didn't want the Vyre to investigate the situation. So in exchange for mutual silence and forgiveness for his actions, the Toa gave Alpha raw Toa energy, which Alpha was quick to change to his specific tastes.

Now "Tee-Oh" Alpha hosts massive raves on a nightly basis in any sphere he chooses, his music often rallying his fans against authority and 'the oppressive dicatatorship of our Administration'.

He lives in the lap of luxury because his assets are all entirely cash and, despite rather frequent Vyre raids on his parties, he never stops, and neither do his fans.


Under Construction

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