The Agents of Anarchy (known as the Neo-Darkbringers by outsiders) is an up-and-coming evil organization that seeks to undermine the guilds that oppress them, as well as forcing the truth about life and authorities. They method of recruiting is through terror, followed by empathy. While killing is not something that the Agents want to really be known for, it is seen as a necessary tactic to save the citizens of Terros Nui and Metru Nui from the grasps of brainwashers and governments.


What first looked like a desperate and forceful effort to get rid of Alzuth, it would soon be realized that the motive was not to dismantle the League, but to spawn. And so, the ruthless Titan known as Tairax went from region to region, attacking cities and homes, razing them and torturing innocent people, to teach them the truth about life and governments. As Tairax predicted, the League did not bother to save these people's lives. No efforts were made to stop this mad clown until it was too late. All across Terros Nui, Tairax had influenced enough people to become orators of his ideals. The doctrine continued to spread through the island and through Metru Nui...

... until eventually, the Agents were formed.


To spread the truth about governments and their corruption. Through their influence, people will embrace the fact that governments and organizations only exist for their own benefit, which includes forcing whatever they believe upon others. It is known that one of the best methods for this is to covertly attack a major public area, and see if any organizations bother to help. Typically, the people are ignored and left to fend for themselves. Thus, anarchists are born, and they are then invited to join the cause of the Agents.

Known MembersEdit

Sontarak, Toa of Magnetism (Pakiro)

Floris, Toa of Water (Emzee)

Kratchet (Emzee)

Vigilante (Emzee)

Joch, Toa of Magnetism (Emzee)

Snype (Emzee)

Aivee (Emzee)

Shot (Mr. J )

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