Airahkasha Tornadoforger
Species Nogan
Guild The Remnant of the Brotherhood (BZPRPG)
Native Nogah Islets
Element Air
Weapon Claymore
Status Alive
Creator Dwin


Appearance:Serpentine Green and dark green creature with fanged teeth, Angelic wings(like Angel from X-men 3), small hands and red piercing eyes. One on the Left

History: Airahkasha is one of the last surviving nogans. He loves to ride the air currents of the atmosphere for hours. That is how he found Terros-Nui. His twin sister is Airahkia. He is now the Leader of the mercenary band The Remnant.

The Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An/Darkness:Edit

Airahkasha discovered the island of Terros Nui and the base of Nuva Blackwave in Ga-terros. He found the nogan colony thriving there and joined them. He participated in a few battles with them and eventually ascended to the rank of Chief Air Marshal of the BoD. He immediately set about reforming the very rudimentary air force of the Brotherhood.

He aided CORtech when they were fighting against the Zuto Nuians. After they were given a few ornithopters, Airahkasha commanded his scientists to manipulate the tech in them to create new aeroplanes, armored zeppelins and more. Eventually, their research led to the invention of the Sol Invictus (BZPRPG)

Unfortunately, Bloodflow and the Brotherhood was destroyed too quickly for much of this to be effectively utilized. When both the Brotherhood and Cult of Ak'Rei'An were destroyed in the massive explosion at Bloodflow, Airahkasha, Airahkia and a few shadow toa escaped to the Le-terros Base and established The Remnant of the Brotherhood (BZPRPG)

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