Airahkia Tornadoforger
Species Nogan
Guild The Remnant of the Brotherhood (BZPRPG)
Native Nogah Islets
Element Air
Weapon Twin rapiers. Longbow with arrows unaffected by wind.
Status Alive
Creator Dwin


Appearance:Serpentine Green and dark green creature with fanged teeth, Angelic wings(like Angel from X-men 3), small hands and yellow piercing eyes One on the right Her left arm was cut off and has since been replaced by a silver arm that allows her to channel electricity through her arm.

History: Airahakia is one of the last surviving nogans. She enjoys gliding all over the place on breezes. Her twin brother is Airahkasha. She is the Second in Command of The Remnant

The Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An/Darkness:Edit

She found the Brotherhood much the same as Airahkasha. She participated much the same and eventually was promoted to Air Marshal of the Brotherhood Air Force by her brother. She did not do much in this capacity except fight alongside her brother.

When both the Brotherhood and Cult of Ak'Rei'An were destroyed in the massive explosion at Bloodflow, Airahkia, Airahkasha and a few shadow toa escaped to the Le-terros Base and established The Remnant of the Brotherhood (BZPRPG).

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