Species Toa (of Nuva build)
Guild League of Internation Trade and Commerce
Native Terros Nui
Element Unknown
Weapon Long Sword
Status Alive
Creator ~Seraphim~

Profile InformationEdit

Alzuth supposedly has a numerous amount of power. Loki (BZPRPG) has referenced to a power he entitles 'Black Light'. Alzuth also seems to be able to project an avatar of himself to do battle. This avatar is called 'Faeras' and has minor control over shadow and intense physical strength. Alzuth was formerly the leader of a vastly ambitious trading company known as the League. They did some business with the Brotherhood of Darkness; however, when they disappeared, Alzuth quickly took over the military scene. He hired mercenaries to begin purging the seas of pirates and started dominating trade. One day, however, Alzuth changed. He began to become more reclusive, only allowing a few choice people to see him everyday. He plotted from behind the scenes, using Jaacen as a figurehead. It is rumored that he is possessed by some sort of demon; these rumors escalated after he created a giant crystal city called Schism (BZPRPG) and began a 'liberation' of Terros Nui (BZPRPG). After dominating Onu-Terros, he now plans his next move into Po-Terros.

The move into Po-Terros was a success, and Zwalheider also fell to the forces of the League. The last independent regions in Terros Nui (BZPRPG) are Ga-Terros, Ta-Terros, and Le-Terros. This may not last long, however.

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