Aneemay is a Valkyr of Memory.


Sword of Liquid Metal- able to mold itself based on her will to any needed weapon. This is useful when she calls upon past memories for combat. �


Memory- The power of memory is dangerous, even to Aneemay. She can peer into someone's entire past even beyond their own concious ability to recall, exploring every avenue that their senses recorded. The limits are the limits of the target's senses- she cannot travel beyond what the target saw (for 'shadows', such as places behind a building, she can travel and see what the target's 'minds eye' percieved to be there). She is able to pause, rewind, and fastforward these memories at her liesure and do so within seconds. All she needs is eye contact with her target and their mind is hers to read and, if it suits her, bring memories to surface for them to recollect. She also never forgets. Anything. If physical contact is made as well as eye contact, Aneemay can even trap her foe in a memory of her choosing, be it theirs or one of hers, making them relive a moment of torment over and over or a day of bliss and joy.

Mask- Enhanced Mask of Psychometry (enables full control of viewing object's past, not partial, random control)

Flight- She has wings �


Aneemay's memories stretch back to the beginning of concious life and recounting all of that would take up more room than BZPower has.

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