The fight between Kalama's Raiders and Scurra and his mercenaries which took place in the Drifts of Ko-Wahi.

Battle of the Drifts
Location Drifts, Ko-Wahi
Group(s) involved Kalama's Raiders (and honourary members)

Scurra's mercenaries


  • Kalama's Raiders ambush Scurra's mercenaries
  • Ice Caves are completely destroyed
  • Scurra and Kalama duel, and Kalama wins
  • Tanuka is almost killed, driving Agarin to kill her attacker
  • Lohkar and the others dissuade Kalama from killing Scurra
  • Scurra's past is revealed


  • Kalama's Raiders:
  • Defeat/capture Scurra
  • Scurra:
  • Test Kalama's nerve and honour
  • Mercenaries:
  • Protect Scurra


  • Kalama's Raiders: Kalama, Kali, Nuraka, Lei, Yuni, Nala, Maya, Hotu
  • Associates: Lohkar, Agarin, Tanuka, Knidia
  • Scurra
  • Various mercenaries

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