Incomplete Copy of Brotherhood of Makuta Central Artificial Intelligence Prototype #1
Guild Coalition of Charity (BZPRPG) Kin (BZPRPG)
Native Xerius or whatever she is linked to
Weapon Xerius or whatever she is linked to
Status Active
Creator Pohaka/Dwin


See The Core (BZPRPG) for main origin.

Xerius (BZPRPG)Edit

Blackfire after being copied by the Core when it was under extreme duress was conducted via electrical storm to a hard drive that Xerius was preparing for his armored suit. She fully integrated herself into his armor and slowly manifested his armor into a work of art.

The Arrival of Blackfire

(See above)

Armor Integration

After this, Blackfire has implented multiple upgrades allowing easier internal and external access to systems. She also has implemented holoprojectors in the armor allowing an image of herself to be displayed and giving her a voice.

Blackfire is highly useful with Xerius' armor. With her in control of his armor's subsystems, he can adapt and utilize his armor more efficiently.

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