Species Toa Metru
Guild The Lich King's Army (BZPRPG)
Native Metru Nui, Ga-metru
Element Magnetism
Weapon Staff with the basic six elements. A small belt knife.
Status Alive
Creator Dwin

Appearance: Before becoming a Lich King, he was a navy blue toa with light and darker blue accents. After his change, he was much the same but he now emanates an aura colored green. His mask is scarred and pitted as is the rest of his physical body. He is typically found wearing a black eyepatch that is never on the same eye when you meet him. He wears a black cloak studded with diamonds. Under that, he wears black robes (similar to Neo) and the buttons hold extra dimensional pockets. He can also be found wearing a black bowler hat sometimes.

Profile: Cadiamus was an an ambitious matoran who sought to join the Academy. He was unable to join, though, and was highly shunned. He was always different than the other Ga-matoran of his home metru. When Xerius arrived and began spreading his message, Cadiamus was one of the first to react and quickly ascended through the ranks of the cult. He achieved the position of head preacher under Xerius and quickly grew even more ambitious. He quietly began planning to usurp the Pirasian's position but Xerius turned to the Kin before he could initiate his plan. Just shortly before Xerius' turning, Cadiamus was summoned to an island out on the outskirts of Metru Nui. He arrived there to find no one but when he was poking around some old ruins, he discovered an ancient tome. When he touched this tome, it turned him into a toa instantly. He recognized the power of this tome and quickly returned to Ga-metru. He discovered Xerius' fall and instantly corrupted Xerius' siblings to work for him as generals of his undead army. He resurrected their bodies and they fled to Ko-terros. He activated the power of the tome and transformed fully into Lich and raised an army of undead. He was soon enlisted by the League to provide forces to them.

Cadiamus is nearly bound to the fortress that he created with the tome. The farther he gets from that fortress, the weaker his power gets. This does not hold true for his forces.

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