Gender Masculine
Species Toa
Kanohi Insect Control
Native Unknown
Element The Green
Weapon Hardwood Staff
Creator Sisen


The color of Caterpillar’s body and insect swarm ranges from sapphire to electric blue. More info in biography.


Caterpillar is your average Toa of the Green, but he is fuzzy. The swarm of tiny insects constantly surrounding him is an extension of his body. While his body swarm is defensive, Caterpillar is fairly easygoing and indulgent. He can manipulate the swarm to do his bidding, or allow them to protect him of their own accord. His fuzzy portions are made up of various bugs, they appear similar and indiscernible to the common eye. The different bugs within the swarm are capable of causing various debilitating health problems. Caterpillars’ hair contains venom that cause rashes, breathing problems, amongst other vast incapacitating possibilities. His hair has been known to get lodged in tissues and is difficult to extract. Caterpillar and his swarm also enjoy eating voraciously. While he is a herbivore, his insect swarm eats things other than plant life and is known as an “eating machine.” When he does fight, he is very aggressive.
As a Toa of Green, Caterpillar resides over the Le-Wahi region. Between Lake Pala and the Kanae Bay inlet, there is a great tree second only to the ones in Le-Koro where he stays.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toa PowerEdit

Element of the Green


A realtively simple use of elemental energy. Caterpillar uses his control over plantlife to create the hardwood staff he uses in battle.

Staff VineEdit

Caterpillar's hardwood staff has a vine engraved on it. When he applies his elemental power, he can cause life to spring into the vine. He most notably used this technique once to ensare a Tarakava.

Barb GrowthEdit

The second simplest ability Caterpillar knows how to use, he learned it early on being a Toa. He uses his power to grow barbs upon any local plantlife to aid in combat and hinder opponents. A troublesome combination can be used when Catperpillar uses his staff vine technique and barb growth together.

Mask PowerEdit

The great mask of Insect Control. Constantly surrounds and protects Caterpillar by a swarm of tiny, stinging insects.


A hardwood staff that looks as if is a tree branch, there is a vine engraved on it.


Since he relies on his bug swarm as a defense, Caterpillar does not wear traditional protective Toa armor. He only utilizes his natural light armor beneath his fuzzy protective covering.

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