The Coalition of Charity is a collective union of several separate factions working together for the greater good and future of the Matoran and the World.

At the Coalition's core is the Kin, a rogue group of former Academy Toa that has evolved into a background movement driven to restore an ancient way of life to the numbed and apathetic populace that had lived in fear and in the comfort of the dark forces ruling their world for ages. Joining the Kin over the course of several months were the Old Guard of Ta-Metru, the Underground, the Ko-Metru Militia, the Commons Bureau, and the Shademakers of Po-Metru... each faction lending their aid and their alliances to a similar cause: to restore Metru-Nui to her former glory and way of life.

The majority of the Coalition lives and works for the betterment and peace of their people and their homelands, but they are aware of those who see their Coalition, and their collective goals, as a threat. As a precaution, the Coalition has allowed the enlistment of a standing military and access to state-of-the-art technology dedicated to defense, and the protection of the innocent, if war cannot be avoided.

Recent HistoryEdit

Following Toa Saeras's disappearance, chaos had taken hold of the Coalition due to internal disagreements culminating in the dissolution of the Council of the Kin. As a Faction and an Organization, the Kin no longer exists. Still, there are those who believe that the term 'Kin' is a title and not the name of an organization. The remaining factions within the Coalition are still standing and are loosely working together as of late.

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