Coyote Starrk, commonly referred to simply as Starrk, is a Vortixx, the Primera Espada, the first, and is a resident of Las Noches.


Starrk, along with his brother and sister, were originally residents of southern Xia, where they had a palace. Not much is known about what they did there, but whenever they were around people kept their distance.

When the Great Cataclysm struck they were in Metru Nui on buisness and were forced to evacuate with everyone else. Seeing the island of Mata Nui as an ideal place for a new palace, they travelled back into the Matoran Universe, gathered the proper materials, and built their new palace.

Recently Starrk has begun to observe the Toa Daedra, a group loyal to the Makuta. Upon arriving in Ta-Koro, he, along with another Vortixx ally called Radikia, travelled to the Lavapool Inn and observed several of them, eventually engaging Gluttony and Greed. However, a short conversation with Gluttony made Starrk realize he wasn't supposed to be fighting them, and he instead battled Greed while Radikia battled Gluttony herself.

After being stopped once by Baraggan, he released his weapon's power, Los Lobos, and prepared to fight Greed at full strength.

Soon after, he and the other two Espada departed Mata Nui in search of new land.


Starrk is a relatively lazy and unenthusiastic being. He generally hates fighting and prefers to take out enemies from afar with his launchers than engage them in combat. However, when he is motivated, Starrk is the strongest and most fierce of the Espada, and can easily match several Toa at once. Similarily, when his weapon is released, he drops his lazy attitude and becomes cold and ruthless.


In combat Starrk prefers to use two Zamor launchers with explosive Zamors. These pack an explosive blast large enough to take out a Muaka with a single shot. Also, these launchers can be fitted with large sabres for combat, which Starrk wields with great skill.

Starrk's weapons, which he call Los Lobos, also have a special ability. By stating the command Kick About, Starrk's weapons lose their sabres, and the Zamors are charged with blue energy called Cero, which, when fired, cause devestating explosions. However, he only has 20 shots before he must reseal his weapon.


  • Starrk's Espada Tattoo is located on his left hand, under his armor.
  • Los Lobos, the name of Starrk's weapons, means The Wolves.

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