Species Toa
Guild Eclipse
Native Taullo Nui
Element Shadow-Fire
Weapon The Dark Blade
Status Alive
Creator Daarkhao


Daarkhao has a great control over shadow-fire. He acts arrogant and he often jokes around, but he takes things very seiously. He lusts for a world where heroes are much stronger, so he often fights people. He can be considered as backstabbing and deceitful, but it's because he doesn't trust people very much.

He has a wide variety of powers when it comes to shadow-fire. His fire does not give off light, but it instead darkens the place it is burning in. Daarkhao is a master of controlling shadow fire, and literally is probably the strongest Toa of Fire out there. Of course, using his mask, he can also unleash bolts of shadow and waves of darkness.

Daarkhao wields a long, serated sword. He often heats up the blade to near-melting temparatures, and will melt though your armor with a swift blow. Daarkhao normally kills those who anger him by stabbing them repeatedly with said sword.


Daarkhao originally loved the toa of his island until he witnesssed their defeat. It shocked him how they had been unable to use their elements to the extent of their power. He then had a goal, to make sure he could keep people safe by making himself and others powerful. He then trained himself to use a sword, which he kept with him during his next two transformations. A year after his training, a steltian came to his island and gave the most talented matoran toa stones. Daarkhao then made sure his team spent most of their time training, which they didn't like.

Toa HistoryEdit

As a toa Daarkhao acted mischievous, annoying his fellow toa. His skill with his element made him popular among the matoran and unpopular among the elder toa. Daarkhao eventually realized that his life was spent stopping rahi and matoran rebellions, that as a skilled toa he could be so much more. One day when he was running to go meat his team he was kidnapped by an invisible rahkshi, that brought him to its master Makuta Ksharn. Ksharn told his experiment that he was bored, and he was going to make a quick adjustment. Daarkhao woke up in Ksharn's laboratory to find that he wasn't restrained and that he was now wearing a different mask and weapon. Daarkhao later left his toa team after a dispute and began his life as a mercenary, allowing him to travel the world and meet interesting people, even if most of them were his targets.


  • Daarkhao designed his armor and cut the edges of his mask.
  • Daarkhao can't take off his mask.
  • Daarkhao has mixed feelings on Ksharn, he's grateful for his powers, but he knows Ksharn is the kind of villain he wanted to rid the world of.
  • Daarkhao is very rich and spends half of his time doing random things.

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