The Day of Blood is the climax in the rather short and sudden revolt of the Svontoran.

Set upEdit

Svonis Fardaz was slowly taken over economically by ProtoBot Industries, but as that happened it was taken over in various other ways as well. Many of its government were employed by the company which gave PBI a benefit in all legal matters, and the population was slowly succumbing to protodite addiction, becoming more and more dependent upon ProtoBot Industries.

A Resistance is FormedEdit

A group of Svontoran scholars, doctors, and mythologists began to recognize the growing rate of protoaddiction and at first persuaded legal ways to stem the tide. All attempts failed, however, and unfortunate accidents began to befall the group. They began to rally more Svontoran to their cause, ones who were not yet suffering protoaddiction and who shared their sentiments about ProtoBot Industries. As their protests were quelled time and again through various methods (ie, counter-protests, riots, and enforcer attacks) the resistance began to move more and more underground.

The Day of BloodEdit



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