Doctor Verik is cowardly but intelligent Le-Matoran doctor.


Verik is odd for a Le-matoran. While he may not be the strangest, he is odd to his fellow Le-matoran nonetheless. Early on he took a great interest in the art of healing and thus travelled to other Wahi and Koros in order to learn new things. Even now, though, he’s still very inexperienced for a healer. He did much of this when he was younger, and thus remains a young doctor/medic compared to most.


Verik doesn’t talk in tree-speak, partly because conversations are much less confusing and more efficient without code. This is also because most matoran dislike ejaculation in tree-speak when a calmer demeanor would do (especially when one is healing said matoran). While helpful, he can become somewhat absent-minded when solving a problem, as he will often get too involved in it.

He is also a complete coward, and will sell out others to protect himself. Currently a Inquisitor believes he has changed that by turning him into a Battle Medic for Xa-Koro.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


A simple bamboo staff for self-defense

Abilities and Equipment:

As a doctor, Verik has studied both fauna and flora of Mata Nui. He often creates various concoctions and salves to help with pains. Unfortunately, he can’t heal instantaneously, and thus serves as more of a medic/doctor than an actual healer. He is also capable of making various poisons, but has told no one of that skill except a friar he once threatened.

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