Dragonsong was a guild on Metru Nui during the 2004 phase of the BZPRPG. Dragonsong was meant to be a relatively small community established by those wishing to keep the old ways of fighting, rather than using the now ever-so-popular Kanoka Disks. Dragonsong welcomes temporary or permanent citizens of nearly any background, hoping to keep the old way of fighting: with blades and elements. Established in Onu-Metru for the sole purpose of keeping the guild out-of-reach of those who weren’t patient enough to find it, Dragonsong was famous for developing the most mature and ready fighters on Metru-Nui.

During the war against Xa-Koro of Darkness, Dragonsong teamed up with the Lightbringers and the Makain Guild and formed The Alliance, defeating the Darkbringers in one most the most epic wars in BZPRPG history.

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