The Dusk are the main good organization in A Midnight Grey. Led by the Toa Arkhaan, they strive to cast down the tyranny of the Dawn and "Mata Nui", and bring peace and safety to Metru Nui.

The Dusk consist largely of Toa, but all beings who share their common goal are welcomes. Oddly, several Zyglak are on this side as well.

Official Description:

"A rebellious group dedicated to finding the source of the problems plaguing Metru Nui. Originally founded as a guard against the Varunem, the Dusk has slowly been shifting its priorities. With the arrival Arkhaan in Po Metru, the Dusk has launched a successful campaign, incited rebellion and ended the threat of the Varunem. The current base of operations is located in Po Metru, in the abandoned lairs of Makuta. Dusk members must work in secret, as heresy is usually grounds for the death penalty. Fellow Dusk members can be recognized by the symbol of the Three Virtues, which can be in the form of a tattoo or jewelry. Toa Aktamu was captured not long ago by the Dawn, and his extracted memories have given them a list and basic biography of many Dusk members."

It may be necessary to mention that the Dusk are constantly getting captured. This especially happened at the beginning of AMG. Not a week went by when some of the Dusk were not imprisoned by the Dawn somewhere.

Known MembersEdit

Arkhaan (leader)

Makuta Onaedo (former; rogue)


Tiriel (former; deceased)






Riku (former; deceased)









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