Empyrean Sun
Location Locus-Abeo
Group(s) involved Cruel Angels, LASSR, Agents of Chaos, Fallen Engelmeisters, Kin Reborn
Character(s) involved Astatiel, Jochim
Year 2009-?
<- Arrival at Locus-Abeo
-> Current

Empyrean Sun is the story of Astatiel, the moral-less leader of the mercenary Cruel Angels, and Jochim, the Fallen Seraphim.

Prologue Edit

Astatiel forms the Cruel Angels. A massive meteor crash-lands into Sicco-Abeo, vanishing from view and leaving nary a mark. We hear a prayer to protect a Shrine. Jochim appears and convinces the Agents of Chaos to ally with him, revealing he is seeking the Shrine of the Empyrean Sun and requires their aid. He also reveals that the power hidden there is only acessibl with the blood sacrifice of ten thousand warriors.

To be updated.

Book of Sins Edit

Battle of Dawn Edit

Battle of Midday Edit

Interlude: Noon Edit

Battle of Evening Edit

Book of Blood Edit

First Watch Edit

Second Watch Edit

Third Watch Edit

Fourth Watch Edit

Book of Redemption Edit

Requiem Edit

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