Species Toa
Faction none
Native Metru Nui
Element Water
Weapon Giant Shuriken
Status Alive
Creator Emzee

Floris, best remembered as the Toa who ravaged Po-Kata and slayed half its residents, was counseled and rehabilitated into a (relatively) normal Toa. She does not remember her deeds on Terros Nui at all, and thus, does not know how to use her Shuriken. Instead, she has it hung on her wall for decoration. She got a job at ZN Power Company as a secretary and a recruiter for the electric company. She is very polite and as a professional mindset. When Locus Abeo broke apart, she boarded one of the ships and went to AD along with the other fleeing LA residents. When she arrived at AD, she immediately began looking for a job, but finally decided to attend a school in the Knowledge Sphere, with hopes that she will then have the credentials needed to land a decent job.

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