Forgotten SpheresEdit

The city’s floating junkyard that orbits around Aensetr Derrum. Old abandoned floating spheres, junk, and anything else not used or needed is jettisoned to here, and with objects ranging from domes to nuts and bolts, it feels more like an asteroid belt than a junkyard. This is the only lawless place, and pirates, criminals, and other no-good scum take advantage of it, a hidden society thriving beneath a layer of rust. Between them, Vyres salvaging and scouting patrols, and the fact that with so many floating object that could fall at any moment… it’s a moving minefield. But if you’re looking for shady deals and characters, salvage, or wanting to escape the clutches of the government, this is indeed the best place to hide, if not the most dangerous place to reside. Citizens therefore are forbidden to enter here under harsh penalties, but that doesn’t stop the young and reckless with their daring games… often with deadly results.

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