Name: Fractatia

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Alignment: Currently working with the toa, but has become somewhat power-crazy, and is secretly follows makuta to a small extent.

Description: A toa with a mint green torso, trans-light blue upper limbs, white lower limbs/hands/feet, trans-orange chest/shoulder/thigh armor, with a silver kanohi. Her arsenal consists of a homemade blowdart gun, constructed from bamboo, and two curved swords, similar to the one wielded by Nektann.

Mask: Pehkui Mask of Diminishment

Weapon: A curved, bladed weapon similar to Nektann’s.

Powers: Elemental control over crystal, shrinking (mask power.)

Weakness: Somewhat insane, and therefore isn’t as clever. Also somewhat slow, due to her element.

Element: Minerals (specifically crystal)

Personality: While somewhat power-crazy, Fractatia is working for the turaga. However, she secretly is in awe of makuta. During battle, she prefers to use sheer power to overcome her foes (much like Icarax,) and isn’t the best tactician. The turaga have had to reprimand her on numerous occasions, and it’s starting to get harder for her to secretly follow makuta.

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