Gender Female
Species Kale Roho
Appearance Wears a crimson robe over her Teal-Toa-like body
Power She can levitate over short distances and ever over water
Weapon A shortsword hanging from a belt, right above her left leg. A sheild she has named Kulinda
Creator Vrf3


Furaha is a member of an ancient race called the Kale Roho. She is one of few surviving members of this species, as most were killed off. She has spent her entire life in hiding in the caves outside Po-koro, rarely leaving. Whenever she did leave, many beings thought she was a ghost.

She had no desire to leave her hidden home until disturbed by a group of Po-Matoran. This caused her to realize that the reach of the villages was expanding, and that her families cave was no longer a place of safety.

She left her cave to see the world beyond it, finding out how to survive without the safety she had known her whole life.


To be added when BZP returns


7'5. She wears thin Turquoise armor, resembling a Toa in appearance. She has four eyes, each glow a light orange. Like all other Kale Roho, she lacks a nose upon her face. She is smaller than most, being only a little older than a child. She wears a dark red cloak, covering most of her body. Her hands, feet and mouth constantly produce a pale grey smoke.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is faster and stronger than the average Toa, but not by much. She has the ability to float over short distances, across land and water. But when crossing water, she must be in constant motion, or she will begin to sink.

Friends and AlliesEdit

She has none


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