Gender Female
Species Matoran
Kanohi Powerless Matoran kanohi
Appearance Black and neon green armor
Power Xa-Kuta magic
Weapon Twin butterfly swords
Creator Vrf3


Garme is a Matoran from Xa-koro, where her father worked as a bounty hunter. After his death, she herself went into the business, hunting after targets for whoever payed best.


To be added when BZP returns


Black and neon green armor, mainly Black with neon green as a secondary color.

She wears a powerless Matoran Kanohi mask that has the appearance of a mask of Sensory Aptitude.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has Xa-Kuta magic. Her spells include:

Enearth (Which she almost never uses)

Enstone (Which she almost never uses)

Saber (Which she uses a lot)

Friends and AlliesEdit


"Karzahni! Karzahni! Kahzani!" - Garme, showing off her wide range of vocabulary.

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