Hiraga was a Toa of Plasma originally from the Academy RPG, played by member Hiraga.

== Appearance==

Nature and PersonalityEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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Early LifeEdit

Hiraga was originally a simple chute worker Matoran living in Le-Metru. Sometime during his early life he met a Toa of Plasma named Shakava.

Later on, through some unknown chain of events, Hiraga was captured and forced to work as a slave for the Brotherhood of Makuta at one of their bases. After 250 years of this torture, Shakava eventually found the base, stormed it, and freed the slaves. However, Shakava was forced to use a Nova Blast to defeat the BoMs, leaving him a Turaga.

Hiraga later returned to Metru Nui, becoming a Toa and studying at the Academy.


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