Name: Hope (Previous name unknown)

Gender: Female

Species: Toa

Alignment: Good

Description: A somewhat large toa, with a blue mask and chest armor, silver lower limbs, with dark blue hands, feet, upper limbs, and torso. Her eyes glow a darkish green. She wears a Kanohi Volitak, mask of Stealth.

Weapon: An enchanted bow with arrows.

Powers: Hope gave up her elemental powers in exchange for the power of a red mage. Her Strategic Spells are Rasp and Saber, while her Weapon Enchantment Spells are Enblizzard, Enthunder, Enfire, and Enstone. She also has the power of stealth using her mask.

Weakness: Despite being a red mage, her personality (based on the emotional spectrum) leads her to try and be good. Her dual nature also causes many inner-conflicts, during which time she is rather vulnerable. She also doesn't have as much experience with magic, and separating her from her weapon would leave her pretty much defenceless.

Element: None (formerly lightning before her training as a mage)

Personality: Tends to be somewhat shy, or angry, depending on which personality she's in at the time. Her good personality is also optimistic, due to being hope, while her bad personality is pessimistic and irritable, showing a lack of hope. Her good side is also somewhat compassionate, as she prefers to trap her enemies, or kill them peacefully, while her bad side sadistically enjoys having them suffer torturous deaths, such as burn to death or slowly suffocate in ice.

Biography: Having been on the island of mata nui all her life, she sometimes wished for more interesting things. Having learned about Xa-koro, she found it after a three-month search, and decided to enroll as a mage. After various training, she was finally granted powers by Makuta (or rather, Mata Nui, but that's not what she thinks,) and an enchanted bow. She now wanders in search of a team to go on adventures with (the emotional spectrum team.)

Note: Shared by myself and Shadok, as I control her good personality, while Shadok controls her bad side.

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