Issatia is a Toa of Electricity and a ProtoBot Industries Tame


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Standard Toa of Electricty powers, plus the ability to generate electromagnetic waves that control Protodites.


Kanohi Pondera- Mask of Balance: Allows the wearer to achieve a perfect inner-balance, granting them great physical dexterity and nimbleness.


A sword and a sheild.


Issatia was one of the few Toa Svon to ever exist, and the only one to remain on Svonis Fardaz. Due to the lax nature of the island, the rest of the Toa Svon had left to assist other Toa across the world. During the rise of ProtoBot Industries, Issatia was brought into the company shortly after Lefty took over. She was given a job as one of the Tamers that ProtoBot Industries employed- Toa of Electricity who were genetically modified by protodites to enhance their powers and give them control over the protodites. The job of the Tamers was to be the emergency task-force should something go horribly wrong (example, a grey-goo crisis) and they would be able to quell the protodites and kill them if neccesary. Issatia has been a loyal employee to ProtoBot Industries for upwards of fifty years now.

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