Jasik is an ancient and powerful Toa of Fire, currently played by Tyler Durden.

NBZP HistoryEdit

Jasik was the first customer to the Lavapool Inn, and that's where he first met Dreenan, a female Toa of Plasma whom he developed a close friendship with. During their first duel, Dreenan accidentally set off a volcano and evacuated, while Jasik stayed behind and stopped it, saving the lives of everyone in Ta-Koro and becoming something of a local hero.

He later joined Dreenan, Nighting, Merk, and Fehdran in a small team, and they headed to Onu-Wahi, where Nighting, Dreenan, and Jasik fought off a Nui-Jaga invasion with the help of some natives. While the rest headed to Po-Wahi, Jasik stayed behind to fight off the last of the Jaga, and was stung and poisioned in the process.

Headed to Po-Wahi to follow the rest of the group, he ended up at their location, and in the process, his sting wound (which he had hidden) was revealed to Dreenan. She headed off in search of the Miracle Cactus, and was captured by the Toa Daedra. Jasik wandered away in search of one on his own, not knowing that Dreenan had been captured and then enslaved by Joske.

After finding another group of Toa and fighting off attackers and bandits, Jasik discovered the poision was fatal, and he went off in search of Dreenan. Finding Nighting, he discovered of Dreenan's capture, Fehdran's disappearance, and Merk's death. Feeling guilty over those events, he entered the Lavapool Inn again, and found a barfight in progress. After stopping it, the Daedra (of whom all seven were present) cast an illusion over the inn, and the villagers attacked. Taking Envy hostage, he explained his situation to Lust and Envy, all while slowly going over the edge with the looming truth of his own death. After mentioning the Miracle Cactus, Lust cut a deal with him: leave Ta-Wahi and she gives him a surviving piece of the Miracle Cactus. Jasik agreed, and then sped away to Le-Wahi, where he found Angelus's abandoned tree hut and used it to cure himself with the Cactus.

He later met Icarin, who was suffering from amnesia, and Virthee, whom he remembered from Ta-Wahi. They traveled through Le-Koro for several hours before Jasik suffered a minor heart attack, almost dying in the process. The group later travelled towards Onu-Koro, where they met several Inquisitors and engaged in heavy battle. Though everyone involved was moderately to majorly wounded, Jasik found himself at the brink of death yet again, as his heart stopped and he had to be revived by Virthee. Even though his life had been saved yet again, he had used most of his elemental power in the battle.

The Toa of Fire split off from the group at Ko-Koro, but later rejoined Virthee, who was opening up a medical clinic in the village. Jasik agreed to help his friend out, taking a job at the clinic.

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