Name: Jingram

Species: Toa of Air

Gender: Male

Alignment: Unsure. Will turn to those who give him guidance.

Appearance: A tall specimen of a Toa, Jingram is teal in coloration, except for a black stripe that winds around his head and trails down his back, giving his blue eyes the appearance of peeking out through a blindfold or ski-mask, Jingram's most prized possession is his black wide-brimmed hat, which he wears constantly. On his back he carries a simple pack made of Muaka hides that carries tools for fashioning disks or whittling. At his sides are two triangular objects similar to oriental fans.

Mask: Rebounding

Powers: Air

Weapons: The two small fans that hang at Jingram's side can be easily whipped out and expanded into bladed Kanoka discs that can be used as shields, projectile weapons, or channeling Jingram's elemental power of air. If used properly, Jingram can manipulate the air current in conjunction with these discs to glide for short distances.

Biography: Jingram has lived his entire life on the island of Mata-Nui. All he has ever known has been fighting Rahi. He crafted weapons in Le-Koro and had been doing so for what seemed like forever. When the Toa arrived, it seemed as if his troubles would be over, but after the Toa failed to return from Kini-Nui, he began to question the ideals of the Turaga and others; the ones who said that the Great Spirit had a plan for them all. Such thoughts wracked his brain for almost a hundred years, until recently, when he too became a Toa. Unsure of himself and his newfound power, Jingram is on a quest to find his destiny, whatever that is, and whether he really has one or not.

Weakness: Jingram has a mental block in place that makes it so that he feels unable to access his elemental power without his fans/discs. It's more of a self confidence issue than anything else. If disarmed he is likely to surrender without a fight. Being such a new Toa he lacks much of the experience that others have gained through years of training. In fact, he can barely harness his elemental power, let alone control it. In combat he relies on the knowledge he gained from making discs as a Matoran and fighting Rahi.

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