Jural is a Toa of Ice.



A small, transparent-bladed knife through which Jural wields his Ice powers is his only weapon. Its blade will appear crystalline and cold when it is the focal point of Jural’s power.


Jural is not a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, nor has he ever been, nor does he want to become one. Rather than devoting his training time to learning how to fight with his own arms, Jural decided to rather learn to fight with the arms that had been granted to him – that is to say, his Kanohi and Elemental powers.

Therefore, Jural’s mastery over his element of ice and the utilization of his mask are on the whole more refined and potent than those of a normal Toa. Jural uses his element with versatility and imagination – from directing storms of icicles towards enemies, making midair snowboarding paths, freezing opponents, and making shields from his element, to crafting delicate ice-sculptures in his free time, Jural’s uses for his power over ice are barely limited. As for his mask, Jural’s skills with the Matatu are similarly honed – his concentration and energy are all that could restrict what he can do.


Thin and long-limbed, Jural is lanky in build. His armor is chiefly white, accented with pale and dark blues. Has long-fingered, dexterous hands. Jural is slightly taller than average height. He carries his knife in a sheath at his thigh.

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