The Kale Roho are a race of beings on Mata Nui.


Kale Roho are roughly the same size as Toa. Their faces have four eyes, two over two, and are mostly featureless, with no noses. Smoke billows from their mouths and hands.

They have no elemental powers, but do have the ability to levitate, including over water.


The Kale Roho were once the main inhabitants of the island of Mata Nui, before the Matoran arrived there, and as a result of this, most resent other species for having "stolen their home". There are now very few individuals of the species remaining.

Priestess Kita was interested to hear of the presence of two Kale Roho in Ta-Koro from the assassin Zadron , but asked little about it.


  • Kale Roho have their own language, which they speak amongst themselves

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