Kaliz is a fusion of a Skakdi and a Toa, he also leads the Emotional Spectrum group. Apparently he was a

Gender Male
Species A Toa-Skakdi fusion
Faction Neutral-Good
Group The Emotional Spectrum
Kanohi Kanohi Kualsi
Native Unknown
Appearance Tall, light brown armor, no Skakdi spine. A few inches taller than a regular Skakdi.
Element Stone
Weapon A golden dagger paired with a curved sword.
Status Alive
Creator Toa Zehvor Kpik
Skakdi before he arrived on Mata Nui, and not long after he showed up, he was fused with a Toa.


Not many know a lot about Kaliz's past except foggy bits of information he deep fried in riddles and different languages, but to him it's as clear daylight... albeit cloudy daylight.

He suffers from amnesia, its unknown how he got the memory loss disease, but he only has so many memories to remember now. The first one that he had truly remember was him, in a mine, digging with a pickaxe for some sort of mineral, after about two or three seconds of that dark memory, it changes to a bright sunny day, with him walking alongside several other people.

Another memory skip, and he's saving someone's life, pulling them up and onto a cliff, and embracing them tightly, obviously he had a friend or two.. One more skip, and he's talking with a slightly elderly man, a Skakdi just like himself, the two of them are talking about memories, but before any real information an surface, the memory goes black.

The next thing Kaliz remembers is rowwing a boat at night, then hopping out of the boat and pulling it ashore with antoehr Skakdi, who appears to be the same Skakdi he was talking to earlier on in his memory. Everything goes black once again, and Kaliz finds himself deep within a forest clearing with bright hot sunlight beating down on him. He remembers fighting against the old Skakdi, possibly just a sparring match, and losing to him, time and time again. His memory blacks out before he can ever see himself win, and the next memory he has is boarding a large metal boat, full of other Skakdi, and Vortixx, and even Toa.

To be added onto later. (NO. LEAVE IT, DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THIS, THIS IS MINE.) :P

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