Kasraeth 'Kas' Va'yr
Species Unknown
Guild None
Weapon Combat rifle, broadsword, Ghurka, rocket-propelled daggers
Status Unknown
Creator Crimson Jester

Kasraeth is a quiet, loyal, and extremely powerful being, who's only just recently appeared on Metru Nui. Word around Metru Nui is that he's originally from a separate dimension. He tends to keep to himself for the most part, and isn't seen publicly often. He has no known affiliation, line of work, or area of expertise, and his motives for coming to Metru Nui are unknown. As well, he has a rather strange, deep, and gritty accent. He also bears an element-rivaling control over kinetic energy. It is said he arrived with another, equally mysterious being.

Appearance: Essentially humanoid. Kasraeth stands slightly taller than a Toa, and has a muscular, athletic build. His body is encased in sleek, streamlined, gunmetal-grey armor, topped with a featureless, shaped mask. Black under layer can be seen at the joints and connections of the armor. A yellow glow cascades from his helmets' eye holes, leading one to assume his eye color. He also has large, black wings that usually remain folded behind his back.

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