Kethrye is a Matoran of Ice that lived on

the Island of Mata Nui.

Personality Edit

Kethrye is curius about the iland he lives on, and has read many carvings about Mata Nui, its people and places.

History Edit

Mata NuiEdit

Kethrye lived a normal life in the village of Ko-Koro intill one day when he left his home village in hopes of some of the fasinating places he had read about. He became lost in a snowstorm but soon stumpled onto the Ko-Wahi beech. around the shore he met Nova, a Toa of Blue Fire, aswell as several other Toa. The group traveled to Ko-Koro, fending off attacks by rahi along the way. When they reached Ko-Koro Nova walked into the inn to rent a room while Kethrye wated outside. Icarin, a Toa of Ice that had been traveling with them killed a matoran and chased Kethrye down an ally, turning when he heard Nova and entering into the inn to attack the Toa of Blue Fire. The conflict grew intill it was a fight between Icarin, his undead Gukko, and two undead matoran against Kethrye and Nova. Nova ended the conflict by unleashing a super hot fireball at the matoran, destroying then just as two Ko-Koroin guard entered. Icarin tried to pin the blame on Nova. The guards put then both under house arrest. Later Icarin had a change of heart and came to ask Nova's forgiveness. It was given and Kethrye, Nova and Icarin headed for the gate of the village when they were attacked by another Muaku. After driving off the Muaku and finding Icarin, who had been injured during the battle, a doctor, Nova, Kethrye and another being, a Xian named Desek, left for Ga-Koro. Kethrye and his companions soon found them selfs in he Ga-Koro inn. They met several other people and began planing a resistenece against Makuta. After being given a dagger with a electric connection to Nikaron's mind. Kethrye wandered throughout Le-wahi and Onu-Koro in a futile attenpt to recuit more members.

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