Early life Edit

Kinika was the leader of a Toa team, the Toa Rogua. In a horrible accident, three members were killed, only him, his sister Naara, and his brother Kraeyn surviving.

Later on Edit

He, with Kraeyn, eventually met a Matoran named Kirgon. Kinika got him to accompany him on a mission, which later fell through. He met with Naara and Kraeyn, who dissapeared for a period of time.

Kirgon and Kinika began a steady dislike for each other for a variety of reasons.

Zealot Edit

Kinika later found Kirgon again, and found that the Matoran's sister, Dreenaan, had been kidnapped. He helped fight the Daedra, a team of inquisitors who had assisted in the kidnapping. He eventually took down one member, but the outcome was essentially a draw. He promised a favor to the leader, in exchange for information.

After a trek to Onu-Wahi, he found that Joske was indeed gone from the caves. Kinika then traveled to Po-Wahi, where he met with Kirgon, who had teamed with even more team members. Salamander, a Toa of fire, battled Utu, an Xa-Korian masquerading as helping Kirgon finding Joske.

Traveling with the group to Ga-Wahi, he went his own way, tired of being insulted. He followed a hunch to Ko-Wahi, where he met with Utu, and formed a brief alliance. After proving his would not attack Joske or his slave, he spotted the two figures in the snow.

After talking with Joske, and the Zealot denying everything, he formed a theory that Dreenan's mind had been fractured, another personality taking over. He mistook a warning blast from the new personality, Ngata, as an attack.

He later teamed back up with Salamander, finding him in the forest.

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