Gender Male
Species Matoran
Faction Himself, and only himself.
Kanohi Powerless Kanohi Miru
Appearance A dark blue and yellow Matoran
Element Air
Weapon Disk launcher with bladed disks, and a knife.
Creator Vrf3


Kirgon was one of four sibling who traveled to the Island of Mata Nui on a ship. The ship was hijacked by Skakdi, and Kirgon and his sister Dreenan were thrown overboard, and washed up on shore. They were discovered and taken in by a Toa of fire, who worked as a doctor. Kirgon got sick of listening to the Doctor named Virthee, and left out own his own.

Afterward, he joined the Le-Koro Gukko Force, eventually becoming a Gukko trainer. He spent decades training his Gukko riding, and has mastered the art of flying.

He left the village of air to join the fight against Makuta's henchmen and do whatever he wished whenever he wished. Afterward, the times got tougher for him, runing out of the money he earned training Gukko. He turned to small time crime, and spent his time in Ta-koro, as a pickpocket.


To be added when BZP returns


He is a Matoran of Air, with a Miru upon his face. His armor is both yellow and Dark blue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kirgon, being a Matoran, has no powers. But he has hightened agility, and is rather quick with insults.

Friends and AlliesEdit






More to be added


"Gecko-salamander-newt-frog-toad!" - Kirgon, insulting Salamander

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