Kolyv is a BZPRPG character created and formerly played by Multivac'sEntropicDilemma, and currently played by Lloyd.




Ordinary Toa of Gravity, purple body and black armor. Black Huna, Mask of Concealment.

Nature and PersonalityEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toa PowerEdit


Kolyv's favorite offensive ability, derived from one of the most basic actions that Gravity Toa use, gravitational attraction. Kolyv chooses a point and makes it the center of a gravitational force, causing everything near it to collapse toward that point. He often uses it on enemies, collapsing their chests or even heads for an instant kill.

Gravitational SenseEdit

An ability that Kolyv developed by himself (though also used by other Gravity Toa), he can use this to 'read' the gravitational fields of objects. For example, if he used his gravity sense on a particle, it would look something like this:

Gravity sense, used on a particle

Kolyv also uses this for entire areas, differentiating between objects based on how strong the pull of gravity is on them (in other words, how heavy they are). This essentially gives him a sixth sense that he can rely on even when all others are removed.

Mask PowerEdit

Kolyv uses his Huna, Mask of Concealment, proficiently, sneaking around for ambushes and to kill without much trouble.

Weapons and ArsenalEdit

Handaxe with ChainEdit

Kolyv wields his handaxe expertly, often swinging it on his chain like a flail rather than using it the traditional way. Kolyv tends to use unorthodox moves to confuse his opponents as to the motion of his weapon.


Early LifeEdit

Culture ClashEdit

Derrum v. KolyvEdit

Happy RehabEdit

The JudgeEdit

The Ghosts of ElysiumEdit


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