Toa of Ice
RPG Tournament of Shadows

Night Ride

Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction ToS: N/A.

NR: N/A.

Group ToS: Team Elemental

NR: Team Shurikan

Kanohi Kanohi Kora, Mask of Chameleon
Native Ko-Exa, Exa-Nui
Element Ice


Weapon Twin Plasma Arm Blades

Dual-Bladed Scythe
Protosteel dagger

Status Alive
Creator Parugi
Kovian is a Toa of Ice and Sonics and the pilot of the "Outlander." Appearing in such RPGs as Tournament of Shadows and Night Ride, he is a trademark character of Parugi's in various stories and games.



Personality and NatureEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Toa PowersEdit

Unlike normal Toa, Kovian possesses control over both the elements of Ice and Sonics. As he has had the former for longer than the latter, Kovian's control over Ice is much stronger than his control over sound, to the point where he can create ice golems and large, puppet hands made of ice in addition to the natural abilities that most Toa of Ice possess. Regardless, he is fairly skilled in the use of his secondary element, constantly using the powers of sound to assist him both in battle and in other difficult tasks.

Kovian's control over a secondary element was granted to him when he came into contact with a powerful artifact on his home island, during the events of a war that eventually caused the land to fragmant and become shrouded in darkness.

Mask PowersEdit

In all of his appearances, Kovian's primary Kanohi has been his Mask of Chameleon, called the Kora. The Kora allows Kovian to perfectly blend in with his surroundings, causing him to be detectable through nothing short of physical contact, save for a small number of occasions in which he was found out through other means.

Vehicle PilotEdit

As shown in Night Ride, Kovian is a very capable vehicle pilot, especially when it comes to driving his motorcycle, the Outlander. Having honed his skills in backstreet races during his travels, Kovian managed to place fairly highly in the sixth Night Run tournament. Further, he was able to easily manipulate and maneuver the vehicle around the monstrous Feranaki during the Ruaki incident, only crashing when he systems became comprimised.



Tournament of ShadowsEdit

Night RideEdit


Tournament of Shadows Staff (ToS)Edit

The Dark Hunters (ToS)Edit

Srizz ach Del'kaiEdit

Tournament of ShadowsEdit

Night RideEdit

Daeja (NR)Edit

Elithes (NR)Edit

Night/Day Run Staff (NR)Edit

Ruaki and the Feranaki (NR)Edit



  • All of the RPGs that Kovian has appeared in have been tournament RPGs.
  • Kovian's name -- said by Srizz -- was the first word spoken by any character in Night Ride.

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