RPG The Academy/BZPRPG
Gender Male
Species Toa
Faction Himself
Creator Dr. Bionicle
Kyshim was the treacherous former Right Hand of Zyrul in The Academy, as well as the leader of the Elite Guard.


Early LifeEdit



Eventually, Kyshim was promoted to become Zyrul's Right Hand. Kyshim was employed on various difficult missions, including one where he disguised himself as the head of an army of attacking Hunters, in order to test which Academy Toa were strong and skilled enough to merit more devoted attention. Kyshim became disgruntled at this mission, when Zyrul himself deviated from the plan and decimated several of Kyshim's hired soldiers. Kyshim attempted to confront Zyrul about this, angry at not only the miscommunication but the fact that the surviving Hunters would blame Kyshim. Zyrul, however, 'taught' Kyshim a lesson, disabling him and destroying his prized sword. Still angry, but no longer willing to take that up with the Headmaster, Kyshim exited.

Later, Kyshim used his mind powers to influence a timid Toa of Density named Seshu, nudging him on the path towards absolute loyalty to the Academy.

Abilities and TraitsEdit




Kyshim with his trademark red helmet. Drawn by The Captain.


Kyshim without his helmet. Drawn by Khote and colored by The Captain.

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