The League of International Trade and Commerce, or the League for short, is, on its front, a league of various small trading companies who have banded together in order to create even greater profits. That is the story given to the public. However, the truth is, the organization is actually a front for the various Santun (BZPRPG) activities going on below Onu-Terros.


To cover for the Santun (BZPRPG) invasion and rid Terros Nui (BZPRPG) of those dratted pirates. Make a great profit while doing so.


The League was founded by their glorious leader, Alzuth (BZPRPG), a Toa with great dreams and great ambitions. He planned on building a shipping empire that would supply the demand for new, more modern technology in Terros Nui (BZPRPG). He would, in fact, even compete with the legendary CORtech. However, when business was at its best, a minor annoyance sprung up after the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness: pirates. They began harassing his shipping and driving Alzuth (BZPRPG) just generally insane. However, a strange man named Pier offered him a way to not only defeat the pirates but increase his profits tenfold; offer bounties on the pirates and build a giant underground city(with his organization's help of course).

After this, the League began to join. Alzuth (BZPRPG) fired his old board of directors and began appointing new councilmen, people never seen before. The city, named Schism (BZPRPG), was completed, and so was the Santun (BZPRPG)'s hold on the League. Now with the organization completely under its control, the Santun (BZPRPG) began the process of setting up their empire, with Alzuth (BZPRPG) as a puppet ruler.

Government: Company

Ranking SystemEdit

Head Councilman: Leader of the organization

Councilman: One of the councilmen who helps run the organization

Merc Captain: Runs one of the many mercenary squads of the League

Mercenary: One of the mercenaries working for the League

Merchant: A merchant who ferries goods for the League

Home BaseEdit

Their home base is the underground city of Schism (BZPRPG)

Special AbilitesEdit

The only real "ability" that the League possess are its amazing navy. It's considered almost legendary and is made even more impressive by its submersible ships. These ships can disappear and reappear using the sea almost instantly.

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