Gender Female
Species Female Toa
Faction Herself, The Concillium
Kanohi Kanohi Pehkui, Great Mask of Dimishment; Kanohi Miruka, Great Mask of Electronic Interface
Native Unknown. All that is known is that she has spend eons on Aensetr Derrum, but she also has a librarianesque knowledge of otherland affairs.
Appearance Fairly average Toa of Water, azure body with black spots on random places on her armor, and she stands a little above normal Toa height. She has a mask with a boxy design, framing her rosy eyes. She also wears boots with retractable crampons, just cuz she can. Sometimes, she wears a black belt where she keeps her surgical tools, but usually only when working.
Power Sharp ability to manipulate her water powers, advanced medical knowledge, great technological abilities.
Element Water
Weapon A pair of large metal Tessen
Status Deceased. Killed by Dublin Makano.
Creator EmperorWhenua

This page is a work in prgress. EmperorWhenua is a very lazy soul. If you want to help, by all means contribute something to this page.

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