Lord Midnight
RPG Bionicle Kingdoms I-IV
Species Rahkshi of Hunger
Group Cold Hunter
Appearance He looks like most Rahkshi, expected he has smaller spikes dotted all over his body, his Kraata has been fused to his armor, and his body structure has been altered in order to give him standing tall look like a Toa. And instead of the normal black with gray armor of Rahkshi of Hunger, he is now all black, expected for his gleaming purple eyes and sliver gauntlets for hands.
Status Alive
Creator The Power that Is

Lord Midnight is the new leader of the Cold Hunter from the RPG series, Bionicle Kingdoms, and he is play by The Power that Is on Bzpower. So far, he has appeared in all Bionicle Kingdoms RPGs.


Before the victory of the Last Chroniclers, he was just a simple Rahkshi of Hunger that was offering himself for hire, who had been hired by the Elder Rahkshi on Voya Nui to assassinate an important figure in Metru Nui. This mission failed spectacularly, even resulting in the death of his partner when the cloned Kanohi Dragons were released.

Disgraced, he was banished from Voya Nui and went wandering, his spirit broken, destroying anything that got in his path. Behavior like this brought him to the attentions of the Cold Hunters, who took him under their wing. They improved him, rebuilt him and gave him new training. During his time as a Cold Hunter operative, Midnight survived the land of Karzahni and its masters.

It was only the Downfall of Metru Nui, coupled with the Death of Tiripu, that gave him the impetus to become the head of the Cold Hunters under the name of Lord Midnight. Now that the city of Metru Nui is thriving again, he sees it as ripe for the picking, and is turning the Cold Hunters into an elite army to take it over.


Being more machine than organic, Midnight has a very high level of endurance, enhanced strength and agility. His Saliva can infect masks, making the wearer of the mask his slave. This ability will only last as long as he is concentrating on that mask. If he forgets about it or loses consciousness, the infection leaves.


A Modified Rahkshi Staff, which, outside of channeling hunger energy, it can deliver numbing shocks to beings holding it that are not Lord Midnight and it is able to return to Lord Midnight's hands at will. He also wears a pair of Venom Gauntlets.


Cold and Calculating. Midnight knows the value of working as a team, but that doesn't stop him from working alone whenever he can. Although embittered and angry, he is usually able to keep his destructive impulses in check and is very logically in his actions.

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