Species Makuta
Faction The Famites (Riders of Lore)
Native Unknown
Element N/A
Weapon Knives and swords.
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Ma-Kanga is the Rider of Famine. He siphons the hopes and dreams of his foes, and leaves them dazed and confused. He is the least social of the Riders of Lore, leaving most of his grunt work to his powerful generals: the Kraata Orís. A couple centuries ago, the Makuta decided to change his form to the mutated Krika's. Ma-Kanga's minions, the Kraata-Orís, are specially mutated Shadow Kraata that become very powerful once they emerge from the Orís mutagen. There has only been one Kraata-Orís in the past: Kortu-Orís. His right arm can shape-shift into a Toa arm.

NOTE: Ma-Kanga is a Kingpin character. A "Kingpin" character is Emzee's label for a player character too powerful to interact aggressively with other player's characters. One could be considered a non-player character, but technically isn't.

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