Species Makuta
Faction Wartooth (Riders of Lore)
Native Unknown
Element N/A
Weapon Cordak launcher, Rhotuka Shield
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Ma-Mori is the leader of the militant faction known as Wartooth. This Makuta is a calculating and tactical being, treating every conflict like a battle. His schemes and tricks are typically pure genius, and he claims to be responsible for the current period of war. His faction's inner circle is small, but Wartooth has the most members and grunts by far. Every island and country Ma-Mori goes to becomes absorbed by the Wartooth faction, literally building an army and leaving them there to keep the natives in line. This time, troops are being made by transforming and brainwashing Matoran, which Ma-Mori sees as revolutionary.

NOTE: Ma-Mori is a Kingpin character. A "Kingpin" character is Emzee's label for a player character too powerful to interact aggressively with other player's characters. One could be considered a non-player character, but technically isn't.

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