Species Makuta
Faction The Coalition of Pestilence (Riders of Lore)
Native Destral (general area)
Element N/A
Weapon Poisonous tentacles and a blaster
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Ma-Ruta is the Rider of Pestilence. Near-insane with a personality as disgusting as his habits, he proves to be a powerful opponent to anyone foolish enough to go against him. He is well-versed in the 42 Makuta powers, and has no qualms in using as many of them as possible in a single battle. He wears the Kanohi Mask of Possibilities.

NOTE: Ma-Kanga is a Kingpin character. A "Kingpin" character is Emzee's label for a player character too powerful to interact aggressively with other player's characters. One could be considered a non-player character, but technically isn't.

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