Species Unknown
Faction None
Native Metru Nui
Element Death, Pestilence, War, Famine
Weapon Scythe
Status Alive
Creator Emzee


Ma-Taru is not only the leader of Death Haven, a group that has enslaved the Zuto Nuiians and trains Mentar for combat, he is also the leader of a group of Makuta called the Riders of Lore. Ma-Taru is called the Rider of Death because of his uncanny powers over the life cycle. Thousands of years ago, he was imprisoned inside a Kanohi mask in order to protect the Matoran from him, but after the Agents of Zuto Nui tried to use the mask to take over Terros Nui, the mask broke and the spirit inside was freed. He absorbed the bodies of Luka and Ra'lhen, two noble Toa who fought in many BZPRPG wars, and he leveled many of the structures in Zuto Nui in one fell swoop. He now is enslaving the Zuto Nuiians who were not able to escape in time, and they are watched over by ruthless Onimentar. He also possesses the Sakai Orb, which is needed by Zyklonn, Nesira, and Likeron in order to create a new Mata Zuto so that new universes can be created.

It has now been revealed that Ma-Taru's real name is Tarus, a spiteful and jealous Ta-Matoran from Metru Nui. His lust for power drew him to a sorcerer known as The Master, and the Master granted him with powers over Death.

Later on, Ma-Mori (BZPRPG), Ma-Ruta (BZPRPG), and Ma-Kanga (BZPRPG) figured out that "Apocalypse" was all a set up and went to Ta-Terros to confront Ma-Taru. Ma-Taru absorbed the bodies of the three Makuta, along with their powers. He is currently in an unknown location.

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