The fifth banner used for Exo-Fat's Magnum Opus. The game is represented in all its banners by a burst of light.

Magnum Opus is an RPG by Exo-Fat. It came in first place in RPGC19, besting the wildly popular War Zone for the spot. It is based entirely around the Great Beings, who live in exile on an enormous ship called the Observatory. The Observatory has every environment and facility necessary for creating any form of life.

The game centers around an object known as the Magnum Opus, a small machine with the ability to give every living creature the powers of a Great Being. It was intended to create a utopia. However, it has divided the Great Beings in a schism, with different beings wanting the Opus for their own purposes. In the course of the fighting, the Opus is lost and the Elder Being (the leader of the Great Beings) is killed. The game opens with a dead Elder Being, a lost Opus, and a slowly deteriorating Observatory.

Magnum Opus will run for the entirety of the Fall 2010 RPGC Season.


  • Magnum Opus is the first BIONICLE RPG to feature the Great Beings as the only playable race.
  • Magnum Opus is Exo-Fat's first RPG following his long hiatus from the internet.
  • The game was originally designed as a murder mystery, and elements of that still remain in the way the game is played.
  • The initials MO are the same as the acronym for Modus Operandi, a common term used when investigating crimes.
  • Magnum Opus went through five different banners before arriving at the one seen on this page.
  • This game has no official factions outlined in it. The only other contest winner with a similar set up is War Zone, which was coincidentally entered and won in the same contest as Magnum Opus.

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