Mahikuli are a species of Rahi originally created by user Moutekea.


Mahikuli, or proto-shifters, are sentient shapeshifters consisting of organic protodermis. Although not much is known about them (due to their making their homes in deep underground tunnels like the Archives in Onu-Metru), what is known is that their shapeshifting abilities are extremely high-level, being able to morph to any form limited only by their imagination, and regenerate from individual molecules.

However, due to their limited sentience, Mahikuli usually only employ their shapeshifting abilities instinct, and do not exhibit any intelligence higher than that of performing basic cognitive abilities.

Mahikuli seem to live in families in the wild, as infant Mahikuli undergo a period of "imprinting" where they recognize and bond with any being who acts "motherly". Mahikuli have been domesticated in this way, and are shown to be fun-loving but loyal to their "parent".

Mahikuli can change their colors, though the default seems to be silver.

The Mahikuli of Aensetr Derrum seem to have a higher level of intelligence and can communicate through telepathy, but being such a reclusive species it is so far unknown whether this is true for all Mahikuli of Derrum.

Notable MahikuliEdit


An infant Mahikuli found in the Onu-Metru Archives and adopted by Saeras.

The HiveEdit

No known name, the Hive is a mature (adult) Mahikuli living in the deep tunnels of the Knowledge Sphere. This is apparent proof that the Mahikuli exist in dimensions apart from Metru Nui.

The Hive was unique in that it is (befitting its name) a hive mind. It also has increased sentience as well as the unique power of telepathy, its main form of communication.

When a group of Towers Scholars (including Lazok, Jolek, and Obsidius) encountered it, it seemed to be in hibernation.

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