Species: Skakdi

Alignment: Basically good, but with a bit of malicious intent

Description: A skakdi who's tall and lean (but it's all muscle, like Tobduk.) He has a silver spine, metalic-blue upper limbs, and pearly-white lower limbs. His weapon was crafted to shoot gravity beams, which can weaken or increase the gravity on an object, but nothing beyond that.

Mask: None (obviously.)

Weapon: A katana, which is a long, thin sword, with a curved blade.

Powers: Psychic Vision, which allows him to see a vision of something shortly before it happens, and react (sort of like increased reflexes, but because they're visions, he can see them with his eyes closed as well.) Usually not activated unless in battle, or something important is about to happen. Doesn't have full control over using it, but is improving with practice.

Weakness: Weaker than the average skakdi, and not as vicious, from spending time with the Le-matoran.

Element: Gravity

Personality: One of the less evil skakdi, who cares somewhat for others. Prefers to use speed and strategies, as opposed to most skakdi who win (or try to,) using brute force.
Biography: After awakening on Mata Nui, Malvox has no idea what he's doing there. However, there are certainly less skakdi to yell at him for being "soft," and the island's rather nice-looking. He decides to try and meet the villagers, and only uses defensive moves (such as his Psychic Vision,) to dodge or block the oncoming fruit and bamboo disks. After convincing them he's a friend, they take him to the turaga, where Onewa goes into his mind and realizes he's safe for the island. He prefers walking over swimming, but he can swim if he needs to, (probably because of an accident with his canister once, that caused a delay in his trip, and he loves speed,) but enjoys riding on the gukko birds with Le-matoran (and often deactivates his vision power, so they have a better chance of hitting him, and he has more of a challenge.) With the coming darkness, he is prepared to rally against makuta and even other skakdi if required (he is a skakdi after all, and wants some revenge for them calling him "soft" [which will make their demise more ironic.])

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