Metru Nui
Population Over 1,000
Residents Matoran Race, Skakdi, Vortixx, Titans, and Rahi
Position North
Status Unstable

Metru Nui was one of the many places the BZPRPG took place. It's players were transported there in January 1, 2004, and they left on December 25 of the same year. The players then returned to Metru Nui on January 1, 2007 and remain there to this day.

Update: Life has deteriorated on the island city, and its inhabitants have entered an anarchic state of mind. Onu-Metru and Ko-Metru are among the poorest and most rundown districts, while the Academy and Le-Metru have kept most of their shine through this crisis.

General Information:Edit

BS01 Metru Nui Page

Metru Nui Landmarks:Edit


Metru Nui with labeled landmarks

1. The Academy: The most powerful landmark in Metru Nui. A place of learning and training and holding political power in Metru Nui, taking the Coliseum's place and Zyrul becoming a kind of leader.

2. Saeras Islet/Kin Base: The current base located off-shore of Le-Metru. Tommi built the base and the Kin currently take refuge here. It has now been destroyed and replaced with the Lightbringers new base.

3. The First Kin Base/Kin Graveyard: The first shelter for the Kin group. Destroyed in Zyrul's attack, during which Saeras was murdered. Has become a graveyard for the Kin that have lost their lives.

4. Castra Ta (BZPRPG)

5. Half-destroyed Great Temple

6. Castra Po (BZPRPG)

7. Central Hub: The main source where the chutes meet and are organized. The Kanohi Elementa of Ice was guarded here, and has since left and been fused with the Kanohi Elementa of Electricity and is being guarded by a new being.

8. Ga-Metru's Protodermis Falls: One of the prides of the Matoran and place of sight-seeing and joy. Was destroyed in a Demious attack in which part of Ga-Metru was flooded. The Matoran have restarted rebuilding by now but have a long way to go.

9. Ta-Metru's Great Furnace: The largest and most productive of Ta-Metru's furnaces. Back in ancient time, the Morbuzak Vines sprouted from a King Root that hid here. Now it's been destroyed, shortly after the Falls in Ga-Metru were, and were also destroyed by Demious. The Ta-Matoran have currently rebuilt it.

10. Po-Metru's Segment: This was a segment of a chute high in the air, sealed off long ago. The pressure built up inside the Segment, making it dangerous for anyone to venture inside, and the Kanohi Terrania was hidden here. It has since been taken by the Kin, and passed unwillingly from their hands to the United Shadow's soon after.

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