Hydro SphereEdit

The atmosphere surrounding Aensetr Derrum is unique in that while the air is comprised of the usual gaseous compounds found in biological planets, the dust particles are actually microscopic protodermis particles; around these do mater droplets form, creating the clouds and rain. The Hydro Sphere takes this solution and separates the protodermis from the water, send both vital liquids to their respective domes. Water is never in short supply, but protodermis remains a valuable asset, and due to the nature of its acquirement, it is highly guarded when refined. Despite the attention and care this dome receives, it has its own fair share of problems, most notably flooding when the old pipes burst. While not dangerous in its own right, when the security protocols engage, the flooded sections lock, and those trapped inside often drown before being rescued. This is particularly true in the off-limits maintenance sections, where tight spaces make it hard to escape quickly.

Mi-Kiri was later destroyed by Toa Laryna when she gained control of the central computer network, killing everyone left on the sphere.

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